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Dear reader,

I’m Yalda Shankar, a machine learning researcher based in Cambridge, UK. My research interests hover around Generative Design of Art and Craft using AI. I also design products and study UX characteristics for applications related to AI-assisted generations of complex and functional Art.


Master's Degree Artificial Intelligence

Shiraz University, 2016 - 2018

Winter School Data Analytics and IT Enterprises

Bonn University, Feb 2018

Bachelor's Degree Information Technology

Shiraz University of Technology, 2012 - 2016


Technology Entrepreneurship

HarvardX, Mar 2021

Transforming User Experience through AI

Stanford University, Feb 2021

Innovation of Products and Services: MIT's Approach to Design Thinking

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sep 2020

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Pytorch / Python

Sketch / Adobe InDesign

Product & UI / UX Design

RLib / OpenAI Gym

Procreate / Clo3D / Blender / Maya

Tutoring School & University Students


A Cohomological Understanding of Neural Dynamics

Yalda Shankar, Sukrit Shashi Shankar
WORKING PAPER : Nature Machine Intelligence

Computational Abstractions of PDEs for GNN Architectures

Yalda Shankar, Sukrit Shashi Shankar
WORKING PAPER : Nature Machine Intelligence / ICML

Professional Experience

Machine Learning Researcher

At Teyhoo Rayane company, Fars Science and Technology Park, Shiraz, Iran, 2018.

Teaching Assistant of Advanced Engineering Mathematics

MS course under supervision of
Dr. M. Taheri at Shiraz University, 2017.

Teaching Assistant of Statistical Pattern Recognition

MS course under supervision of
Dr. Z. Azimifar at Shiraz University, 2017.

Teaching Assistant of Engineering Economics

Bachelor course under supervision of
Dr. J. Eghtesadifar at Shiraz University of Technology, 2015.

Teaching Assistant of Operating Systems

Bachelor course under supervision of
Dr. R. Akbari at Shiraz University of Technology, 2015.

Teaching Assistant of Software Engineering I

Bachelor course under supervision of
Dr. O. Booshehrian at Shiraz University of Technology, 2015.

Academic Honors & Awards

Won GraDAna Erasmus+ Project travel grant, 2018

Consequently attended Big Data Winter School at Bonn University.

MS program without entrance exam, 2016

As an exceptional student, was accepted for Artificial Intelligence & Information Technology at Shiraz University, as well as Software Engineering & Computer Networks at Shiraz University of Technology.

Iranian National Mathematics Olympiad, 2010

Validated for the 2nd round of Iranian National Mathematics Olympiad.

Ranked 2nd in Shiraz University of Technology, 2016

Based on the overall GPA in undergraduate.

Exceptional talent student, 2015

Awarded by Shiraz University of Technology Chair.

Khwarizmi International Award (KIA), 2009

Validated for the 2nd round of KIA, which honors for making outstanding achievements in research, innovation & invention, in science and technology fields.


Yalda was one of my best-talented graduate students under my supervision in Computer Science & Eng. Dept. of Shiraz University. She is very polite, has impressive communication skills, in addition to her ability for understanding and reasoning academic concepts. She can do whatever she wants if she prefers to want that. Yalda had many common activities with me and other faculty members of the department in her thesis, additional research, and teaching of machine learning, pattern recognition, and mathematics of AI (as a teaching assistant). I can claim that she could do all of them very well. She collaborated excellently well in an industry project, that I connected her to, and I received amazing feedback from her managers there. Thereafter, as I know, she has been collaborating nationally and internationally for both industry and academic research and had proven to be very pro-active, productive and futuristic in her work and ideas. She has nice English skills, especially to conduct academic research or carrying out a machine learning project. I wish her all the best

Mohammad Taheri

Faculty Member at CSE Dept. of Shiraz University
[ Jun, 2020 ]

Yalda contributed to one of my publications. Her creative mind together with her programming skills and expertise in algorithm design resulted in outstanding work. She is hardworking and has a passion to understand the new subjects. She always has new ideas and approaches to solve the problems. I am glad that I had a chance to work with her and would be happy to collaborate in my future works. I am certain that she will be successful in her future career.

Ali Nikoukar

Research Assistance at Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg
[ Jun, 2020 ]

I have known Yalda for more than one and half years. I found her self-confident, keen and eager to learn a variety of subjects. Yalda’s attitude and positive nature give delight to all the people working around her. She has a strong research background in mathematics, machine learning and data analysis. She likes collaboration with others, eager to learn new skills and share her knowledge with other people. I am confident that Yalda certainly fits the PhD programs from accredited and recognized universities.

Moloud Abdar

PhD student at Deakin University
[ Jun, 2020 ]

Yalda has always come across as a very sincere, intelligible, and hardworking person. I have been in collaboration with her for more than a year now, and our joint research work on Machine Learning and AI has been coming to mature fruition with time. I have found her very good in understanding research papers and finding intuitive gaps in them, a quality which is not so straightforward even for top-university PhDs. Also, she is fuelled by a desire to work for perfection and applications, in the smallest things within a research or engineering (or even design) process, which sets her and her work apart. I would strongly recommend her for any of world's top-university PhD-level research, as I truly believe that she can help bring around novel AI applications. She merely needs an initiation with a good mentor who can spark her potential across various AI disciplines and Mathematics.

Sukrit Shashi Shankar

AI / ML Researcher
[ Jun, 2020 ]


(+44) 7435 835269

24, The Paddocks Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB1 3HG,
United Kingdom

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